Hey, Joni​/​/​Cast Ashore split

by Hey, Joni

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Out on WOLF TOWN DIY & Don't Shoot The Messenger

CAST ASHORE'S SIDE: castashore.bandcamp.com/album/hey-joni-cast-ashore-split


released 18 February 2013



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Track Name: Bye

You're the pain in my shoulder,
The fucked up dreams when I sleep on the right side,
Your face is posted all over,
It's a plee for affection,
Affection, Affection,
You don't need my affection,
You don't need anyone's,
Am I right?

I wanna live fast and die old,
We've got so much time to do,
Whatever we need to.

I could live with how you are, and what you do,
Why did it happen to crash like this,
I don't care that I've written a song about you!

(I've lost what I'm used to, no more goodbyes, only bad ones)
Track Name: Jack's Song
After all,
We've had,
No ones left,
To provide innovation.

Solar, Solar.

We'll split and say goodbye,
There's new kinds of people, the people, the people...
Track Name: Hayden
Hayden you're OK!
Hayden you're OK!
Hayden you're OK!
Hayden you're OK!

I got told it would never be this way,
Hayden's mind is hooked on Megan's bait.